I'M NOT LIKE YOU The series I’m Not Like You explores and describes a select group of LA Latino punk kids and how their identity is constructed through photographic representation.  They are children of working-class Mexican, Central, and South American immigrants, but have recycled the aggressive, frayed, modified, handmade costumes, music, and bold lifestyle of 70’s British punk rock.  The images comprise of documentary photographs taken on the streets of South Central, South Gate, El Monte, and Compton California, and staged portraits made in a professional studio. The documentary images show them in groups at venues and backyard concerts totally decked out in ripped denim, leather jackets, metal studs, and dyed Mohawks, their fist clenched in the air singing passionately along with the band.  In the studio portraits my subjects are still dressed to kill, however, I photograph them isolated against a black backdrop, lit with a single strobe light, and motionless. Working in these traditions I investigate the practice of ethnographic photography by producing images of subjects that transgress exoticism, voyeurism, and do not reinforce their position as outsiders. 

© Kevin McCarty 2020